Titus – Good Works from Gospel Soil

Paul’s letter to Titus serves as an inspired apostolic charge for Titus to fulfill the ministry for which Paul left him in Crete. That is, Titus was to put into order that which was out of order, namely, the appointing of elders who were qualified to both 1) teach sound doctrine that leads to sound and godly living and 2) silence and rebuke those false teachers who were teaching contrary to the gospel. The letter to Titus still holds vital importance for the church today as we face many of the same elements of false teaching that gives rise to false living. Both need to be corrected by faithful shepherds who can teach sound doctrine and cultivate zeal for sound living rooted and nourished by the truth of Jesus Christ and his saving work. We invite you to join us as we look together at the content of this ancient letter and find God’s timeless truth speaking a timely word to us today.