Adult Sunday School Classes

We will offer adult classes at various times throughout the year from 9:00am – 9:45am. Nursey is available for children 6 months – 3 years old and Sunday School is available for children 4-12 years old during the adult classes.

Adult classes will be starting on October 1st.

The New Testament Canon

In this class we will be covering questions like:
How do we know that the books we have in the New Testament are the right ones?
What sets them apart from other ancient writings about Jesus?
When and why did the church recognize these books as having divine authority for the faith?

Intro to Waukesha City Church

This 4-week class is for those who are newer to our church or not yet members.*Intro is not the same as our membership class which follows the first with more details about our beliefs and practice and what membership means. What is the message of the Bible? How does the creation account give us a foundation for understanding the world we live…