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…that is both engaging to our culture and glorifying to God.

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Waukesha City Church was established for a reason.

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Meeting in small groups allows us to build strong relationships within the church and the community.

I Will Send You Elijah - April 23rd, 2017

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God interfered!

From his deathbed, John Allen of the Salvation Army reportedly proclaimed, “I deserve to be damned; I deserve to be in hell; but God interfered!” How does that sound, fellow believer? Is that how you’d explain your standing before God? I find much to love in this brother’s formulation of his life story. In particular,…


The Truth of how Christians should think about voting?

Like moths to a flame so are we drawn to the unfolding non-fiction-fiction of the 2016 Presidential Election. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say we are like moths to an apocalyptic bonfire. We, as a nation, so it seems, are flying at full speed toward our own destruction cheering and singing along the…

Ask Me Why

  Much of my life looks, sounds, and feels pretty much like your typical white, suburban, tech-trained family man. Da wife, da kids, da job, da Pack – like so many others. I don’t dress like John the Baptist. I don’t eat like him either. I don’t even put bumper stickers on my car. So,…

Heidelberg Catechism

Many Evangelical Christians today don’t think much of church tradition and history. I know for a long time I didn’t either. To place church tradition above the authority of Scripture is folly, but neither should we ignore it or treat it as unimportant to the church today. You do not have to be Roman Catholic…

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