Announcement: Waukesha City Church will not be meeting for worship services at the Waukesha Civic Theater due to the COVID-19 crisis. You can check out the latest content posted during the crisis or listen to the latest pastoral reflection. Please visit our Facebook page for more information.


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Meeting in small groups allows us to build strong relationships within the church and the community.

Guarding Unity in These Times – August 09, 2020

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There is an awful lot of talk about community in churches today.  So much so that it has become a sort of buzzword.  Everyone likes the idea of community.  It’d probably be hard to find someone who’d say it’s a bad thing.   And I think most of us desire it.  But it is elusive in…

Betting Your Life On It

I was saddened to hear about the passing of the prominent atheist, Christopher Hitchens recently.  I did not know the man, and obviously we did not share the same convictions on what this life is all about and where or whom it came from.   But I could not help but feel sadness when I heard…

Waukesha Civic Theater: Let’s serve the city!

We will not be meeting Sunday December 18th , instead we have another opportunity to serve our city. Waukesha Civic Theater will be tearing down their Candy Cane Tales set around 4:00 p.m. on that day.  We anticipate that it will take a few hours.  They are looking for as much help as they can get….

Trials and Judgment

Life is full of joy and pain. I long for the day when Jesus comes back and our joy will be made complete and pain is gone forever.  But in this life we cannot escape trials and pain. Unlike what many prosperity gospel preachers will tell you, Jesus didn’t make any promise to Christians that…

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